Business Wisdom I Learned From My Dad

My father is a very wise man. What’s more, he knows how to make everyone around him laugh and light up. Though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, I have learned so much from him over the years (even the times I swore I didn’t want to learn anything from him. He’s a hard…

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Why I Will Never Give Up On My Dreams

This is me. This is me at eight years old with no front teeth and in my favorite dress standing next to an elephant in Kenya. At my happiest because I was in the wild. In true nature. The free spirit in me completely ignited. This is the real me. But first, a confession: I…

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Angel Message for June 3

About a year ago I discovered automatic writing as a way to communicate with my angels and spirit guides. It was the most beautiful experience…and yet terrifying at the same time. What were these thoughts? This was not my handwriting! Where were these messages coming from? But soon I discovered that these messages were from…

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