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Energy Healer

“When your energy is blocked, your life flow decreases. You are living as if on autopilot, unaware of your body and your emotions. Energy is everything. You must find the pathway to heal your energy flow (prana or chi) to begin living in connection with mind, body and spirit.” – Suki Suki Eleuterio is an…

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Spiritual Teacher

“I have been sent to spread light, share wisdom, and show people that the true path to enlightenment lies only through  LOVE.”  – Suki

Suki Eleuterio 5-20-14


“In my mind there is a beautiful dance of words. They pirouette and play. Every night between the hours of midnight and three, the words come to me and I must write them down. I cherish them, I sit with them, I love them as only a writer would.” – Suki Suki Eleuterio began her…

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