Mishka’s Newborn Pictures

Eight days postpartum and I walked bleary-eyed into the living room with a tiny baby tucked under my arm. Looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe that A. I was a mom. B. I had a tiny human in my arms. And C. I was about to take newborn pictures with this tiny human. Wow,…

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Fall Special: Angel Card Readings with Suki

Have You Been Listening to Your Angels? This fall I am offering 50% off my angel and intuitive readings. If you have been searching for answers or are at a crossroads in your life, now is the perfect time to get your cards read. Every day we receive messages from the other side. Have you…

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Suki and Mishka

The Day I Met Mishka- My Labor Story

The night I went into labor… Rob and I had some nice Greek food and finished up some last minute “baby errands.” When you’re 38 weeks pregnant you know that the baby could come any minute now so you try to use your free time to get things done around the house. When we got…

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